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NIkah+Divorce+Khula online

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Posted By Ch. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer advocate

Court Marriage via Telephonic Nikah

We may Conduct your online Nikah, on a very short Notice, even of a few Hours. You have to Send us Your Passport Copies and Cell Numbers Addresses with Charges via western Union.

Nikah online on phone is acceptable now for Muslim scholars all over the world. Nikah conducted by us even on Phone will be Sharie and as per islamic rules. Our Nikah registrar has been  appointed by the Government, Nikah register provided to him is Stamped and issued by the Concerned Authorities as such we will provide legal and valid Nikah Nama registered by Competant Nikah registrar with all Further Documentations. There will be no difference between usual nikah nama and the same when provided by us after conducting the same online. Rember we are the pioneers in the field and idea was unique invention of our think tank. We are the sole Providers of valid Nikah Documentats with authanticated Translations and attestations from NADRA Forign Office Concerned Embassy etc. Be carefull to consult a firm for your online nikah assignment, some non professional Peoples are trying to pose themselves as providers of Nikah on Phone services by theft of our Idea and Procedure, some of them even illegally copied our Text from our site and advertised the same as their own. We are a Public Limited Company and incorporated as such with the SECP Govt. of Pakistan.



Our Procedure is very simple. You have to Contact us on Phone, E Mail etc and after initial discussion of your Matter, you have to send us Your ID Cards Cell Numbers Addresses only and we shall proceed further, settle date and time of your Nikah after consultation with you. At the Relevant time, there will held a meating in our office, where, Nikah registrar Nikhah Khawan Witnesses and our staff will participate and we shall get you on Conference call, all these peoples will be interacting with each other. In this meating nikah will be conducted as per Islamic Procedure after obtaining Consent of the Bride. After Nikah our Nikah registrar will Fill the Urdu Nikah Namas, all nikah Namas will be Signed Stamped and Registered as per Law. Same day we will shall Send you the Nikah Namas for signatures and your record.


Post Nikah Services

As we are the Sole Court Marriage Law Firm in Pakistan, providing Court Marriage/Nikah on line/Nikah on phone services and further Translation and Documentations attestations etc at a same place like one window operation. Hundred of Couples through out the World, mostly in UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Saudia Arabia, Indonasia, Australia, Malasia, Norway, Germany, Canada, Kuwait, and in many more countries enjoying their Happy Family lives after availing our Nikah and Post Nikah services as we also Provide Following Post Nikah Services at the Expenses of Clients:

1.        Translation of Nikah Nama From Urdu to English & Arabic etc.

2.        Prepration of NADRA Computerised Nikah Nama (which is in English & Urdu both Languages)

3.        Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents Mentioned under serial No. 4 below:

4.        We Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of Your Docs From Foreign Office.

a)       NADRA Nikah Nama

b)       Arabic Translation of Nikah Nama.

c)        Urdu Nikah Nama

d)      Educational Documents

e)       Birth Certificate

f)         All other Documents required attestation From Foreign Office.


Call Now: 92-3024077416

Documents Attestation Services


We provide Attestation Services

Birth Certificate,Nikah,ID Card,Divorce Deed,Court Decree,Educational Certificates,Degrees and all other Documents may be got Translated and attested through us from NADRA,Foreign Office, Higher education Commission,Embassy, and govt. departments etc. We also provide Notary Services for preparation and attestation of all valuable Documents, deeds, Agreements, Contracts, Bonds, Promissery Notes etc. from Notary Public and Every Kind of Affedavits from Oath Commessioner.

Procedure of Online Nikah

As per our Procedure, After Receiving documents we'll settle a date and time for your Nikah with your Consultation.

At the relevant date a Meating will be held in our Office, in which Nikah Khawan Nikah registrar Witnesses Our staff will participate and Both of the bride and groom will participate at conference call. at that time Our Nikah Khawan will Conduct your nikah as per islamic values (remember in islam personal appearance of Bride is not a requirements of Islamic Sharia, and you know in our Society too Bride never participate in the meating of Nikah, she only Gave Consent by her Words or Conduct or Signs.)

After Nikah Our Nikah Registrar will Complete Urdu Nikah Namas, which will be completed in all respects including Govt. Seal Nikah Registrar's Sign and Seal Nikah Khawan;s sign Signatures of witnesses of Nikah. etc.

Same time we'll send you scanned copy of Urdu nikah Nama.

After that we will apply for your NADRA Nikah Registration Certificate/ NADRA Nikah Nama. within 2 Days it will be compleleted, its Scanned copy also will be sent to you.

After that within further 2 days we'll got your Nikah Nama Translated from a valid Translater and the same translation will be acceptable worldwide. We'll send you its scanned copy too.

At this time i.e about 4/5 days after Nikah when we will Deposit 3 Nikah Namas i.e URDU NADRA Translated Nikah Namas in the ministry of freign affairs, they will return Back to us the same after a weak.

At the end we'll Courier you all the Nikah Namas, after vrecieving them, Both of the Bride and Groom will Sign on it, and will retain them as their valid Nikah documents for ever. Inshallaha.


Lawvision (Pakistan)


 Our Services

Law vision (Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd. is a top reputed Law Firm of Pakistan providing legal services all over the world specially in connection to the Pakistan Laws.


Our services Basically Covered Two different kinds i.e

1). Providing Legal Database Computerised Laws providing services to the Lawyers, judges, Law Students, Govt. Departments Public or Private Limited Companies, National and international Orgnisations. We provide these services via online Laws, Law Cds Files Transfer methods etc.




are our main souces of Marketing of our Law Databases.

2). Providing Legal Consultancy Services for Public individuals, Firms, Bodies or Companies. these services Includes: Lawyer online, Court Marriage Nikah Services, Property Advisory services, Divorce online services and Documents attestation Services.




are our main Marketing Sources for these kind of Services.



CH. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Advocate

E_Mail:                    lawvisionpk@gmail.com

LL NO Office;        0632511316

           Home:          0632510616

Cell No:                  03024077416

Law vision(Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd.

Websites:          www.lawvision.infio




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