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Here are some of our more common answers to your questions. If you cannot find here an answer to your questions regarding our products and services Please click here or email us at Feedback@lawvisionpk.com

  • I have an other question. ?

    you find what you were looking for? If not, You have other options to look for information and help about products and services provided by Lawvision (Pakistan). Help can be accessed by clicking the Help link in the top navigation or footer on any page. You may send feedback to us to get any kind of information Email Support by sending us E-mail at lawvisionpk@yahoo.com other Contact us options still available for issues needing immediate attention.

  • I want to Copy and save the law files

    All the Law files here at Lawvision are copyright protected files,No part of it can be Copied, Translated, Adopted, Reproduced, or Stored by any means, without the prior written permission of Lawvision. Nor its work can be sold or resold in any other devise except in which it was originally offered for sale by Lawvision. Any breach of this notice Would entail Civil as well as Criminal Action without any further warning.

  • Please What are the Current rates of Your Law CDs

    72 Law CDs Worth Rs. 80,000,00 Now in Rs. 40,000 only All 3000+ Laws (in one CD) Rs. 20,000 Major Acts (Criminal Laws) Rs. 2500 Civil Major Acts Rs. 2000 Minor Acts Rs 2000 Land Laws Rs.1500 Local Government Laws Rs.1500 Taxation Laws Rs. 2000 Family Laws Rs. 1500 Company & Corporate Laws Rs. 1500 Agricultural Laws Rs. 1000 Civil Servants Service Law Rs. 1500 Banking Laws Rs. 1500 Business Laws Rs. 1000 Educational Laws Rs. 1000 Factories & Labour Rs.1000 CDs of Other Laws On Per Demond = Negotiable

  • We are Muslims lived in Pakistan and wants to do Nikah Online. We want procedure to continue thanks

    Court Marriage through Nikah Online is very much Possible now for Pakistani Couples. We'll demand for some Documents and Phone Number of both sides, Our Nikah Khawan will get permission From Girl after varification of her Ideantity on Phone, Then he'll dial the phone number of the Boy and will Reciet Nikah to him. Then our Nikah registerar will fill up the Nikah Namas and will Send the Same to Both of them through a special messanger, after signatures of both the parties and their Wittnesses We'll arrange Registration of Nikah, Two parts of Nikah will be handed over to the both Parties. After registration there will be no difference between the Usual Nikah and Nikah / Court Marriage On-Line. It will be Legal and Complete in all respects.

  • What is pc registeration for CD

    To Show files, Our Legal Data CD Software required Installation on our Clients PC. After Installation, when User Opens the Law File for the first time, Our set-up demands for Registration, a PC number will appear at Users PC in our set-up, user needed to Send that number to us, after receiving PC number, we will generate a code for him and send him, next time user will open our set-up, will enter that Code at given place, His PC will be ready to run our law files, this all process completes in minutes, and only needed once.

  • we are muslim and wants to get married online but we live in dubai and our parents are agaisnt it?

    Thanks for your interest in our Court Marriage Nikah online on Phone Service. Law vision (Pvt) Ltd is a Prestigious Law Firm incorporated as such as a public limited company. We Provide Distance Nikah Services to Muslims residing all over the world, even in different Countries. As per Our Procedure You need not to come to our Office for Marriage, We may Arrange Online Nikah on Phone after appointment of a Wakil from her side.(in case of a foreign national) Nikah will be Legal, valid, Sharie & Acceptable all over the World. Other info/ Details attached with this E Mail. We also provide Following Post Nikah Services as per requirements of our clients Translation of Nikah Nama From Urdu to English & Arabic etc. Prepration of NADRA Computerised Nikah Nama (which is in English & Urdu both Languages) Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents: We Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of Your Docs From Foreign Office. a) NADRA Nikah Nama b) Arabic Translation of Nikah Nama. c) Urdu Nikah Nama d) Educational Documents e) Birth Certificate f) All other Documents required attestation From Foreign Office. Embassy Attestations We Also Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of All Your Documents From Embassies of Following Countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Qatar, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Japan, Malaysia, France, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Germany etc with Embassies of All other Countries in Pakistan: Thanks

  • Nikah Nama, Divorced Deed, Edu Docs, Attestation from MOFA

    Documents Attestation Services We provide Attestation Services Birth Certificate,Nikah nama,ID Card,Divorce Deed,Court Decree,Educational Certificates,Degrees and all other Documents may be got Translated and attested through us from NADRA,Foreign Office, Higher education Commission,Embassy, and govt. departments etc. We also provide Notary Services for preparation and attestation of all valuable Documents, deeds, Agreements, Contracts, Bonds, Promissery Notes etc. from Notary Public and Every Kind of Affedavits from Oath Commessioner.

    CH. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Advocate
    E_Mail: lawvisionpk@gmail.com
    LL NO Office; 0632511316
    Cell No: 03024077416
    Law vision(Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd.
    Websites: www.lawvision.info

  • Weather Court Marriage Registration is Possible online

    We are sole Provider of valid online Court Marriage. Court Marriage Nikah Online is Law vision’s Modern online service, through which we provide Nikah facility to our clients, even if they are at their home. Shadi / Nikah On Phone/Online is just like Ordinary Marriage. It is valid under Shariat and Legal in all respects if it is done through Law vision.

    Call Now: 03024077416

  • Who provides Nikah Nama, Nadra Nikah Nama, registration of nikah Nama attestation Services

    We also Provide Following Post Nikah Services at the Expenses of Clients:

    1. Translation of Nikah Nama From Urdu to English & Arabic etc.
    2. Prepration of NADRA Computerised Nikah Nama (which is in English & Urdu both Languages)
    3. Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents Mentioned under serial No. 4 below:
    4. We Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of Your Docs From Foreign Office.
    5. a) NADRA Nikah Nama
    6. b) Arabic Translation of Nikah Nama.
    7. c) Urdu Nikah Nama
    8. d) Educational Documents
    9. e) Birth Certificate
    10. f) All other Documents required attestation From Foreign Office.

    Law vision (Pakistan)
    Cell # +92-3024077416
    Phone # +92-632511316
    E_Mail lawvisionpk@gmail.com
    Websites www.lawvisionpk.com

  • I want a Lawyer in Pakistan for Divorce, Khula, Talaq, Court decree, etc.

    Professional Lawyer for Court Marriage, Niah Online and all matrimonial Disputes, Nikah, Divorce, Khula, Maintenance

    • Divorce online (client need not to come to Pakistan)
    • Court Marriage nikah online ( parties may be at any place in the world)
    • Legal Consultancy for Property Purchase, Sale, Property Custody & Care
    • Arbitration Services for all Matrimonial Disputes
    • Khula online (client need not to come to Pakistan)
    • Maintenance for children
    • Custudy of Children
    • Dower
    • Articles of Dowry & all related Issues

    Law vision (Pakistan)
    Whatsapp Cell # +92-3024077416
    Phone # +92-632511316

    E_Mail lawvisionpk@gmail.com
    Websites www.lawvisionpk.com

  • can non pakstani muslims living abroud benfite from your online nikah service


    we provide nikah online services to the muslims arround the world. Registration of nikah, Urdu Nkah Nama, Nadra Nikah Nama, Translation of Nikah Nama, Attestation from Ministry of Foreign affairs/MOFA and attestation from Embassy like UAE Embassy, Saudia Embassy services being offered by this Prestigious Lawyer Firm. Whatsapp or Call 03024077416

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