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Consolidation of Holdings Ordinance, 1960

Topic Serial # Content Case Law






1 Short title, extent and commencement
2 Definitions




3 Who may move for consolidation of holdings
4 When an application for consolidation of holdings shall be deemed to be on behalf of all the land-owners
5 Application by some of the owners and its effect
6 Transfer of rights of landowners in holdings and of tenants in tenancies
7 When application may be rejected
8 Admission of application
9 Preparation of scheme for consolidation of holdings and appointment of Advisory Committee
9 9-A Power to exclude from or include in consolidation any land
10 Publication of scheme, settlement of objections thereto and its confirmation Case Law
11 Appeals
12 Payment of compensation
13 Power to call for and examine records Case Law
14 No appeal except as provided by this Ordinance
15 Procedure on confirmation
16 Rights of Land-owners and Tenants after consolidation same as before
17 Transfer of encumbrance to new allotments
18 Right of land-owners, tenants and persons affected in newly allotted holdings and tenements
18 18-A Summary ejectment
19 Revenue Officer to prevent encroachment upon way or path shown in new records




20 Cost of consolidation proceedings
21 Recovery of compensation or cost as arrears of land-revenue
22 No instrument necessary to effect transfer
23 Abeyance of partition proceedings during consolidation proceedings
24 Transfer of property during consolidation proceedings
25 Killabandi to be the basis
26 Jurisdiction of Civil Court barred as regards matters arising under this Ordinance Case Law
27 Public servants indemnified for acts done under this Ordinance
28 The Ordinance not to affect the validity of consolidation of holdings by Co-operative Societies duly registered
29 Power to make Rules
30 Repeal
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