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Post Nikah Services

As we are the Sole Court Marriage Lawyer Firm in Pakistan, providing Court Marriage/Nikah on line/Nikah on phone services and further Translation and Documentations+attestations etc at a same place like one window operation. Hundred of Couples through out the World, mostly in UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Saudia Arabia, Indonasia, Australia, Malasia, Norway, Germany, Canada, Kuwait, and in many more countries enjoying their Happy Family lives after availing our Nikah and Post Nikah services as we also Provide Following Post Nikah Services at the Expenses of Clients:

1. Translation of Nikah Nama From Urdu to English & Arabic etc.
2. Prepration of NADRA Computerised Nikah Nama (which is in English & Urdu both Languages)
3. Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents Mentioned under serial No. 4 below:
4. We Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of Your Docs From Foreign Office.
a) NADRA Nikah Nama
b) Arabic Translation of Nikah Nama.
c) Urdu Nikah Nama
d) Educational Documents
e) Birth Certificate
f) All other Documents required attestation From Foreign Office.

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