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Procedure of Nikah Online

Procedure of Nikah Online

Procedure of nikah through us is as simple as 1,2,3 As per our Procedure after Receiving documents fix a date and time for your Nikah with your Consultation.

At the relevant date a Meeting will be held in our Office. Nikah Khawan+Nikah registrar+Witnesses+Our staff will participate.Bride and groom also will participate at conference call. at that time Our Nikah Khawan will Conduct your nikah. as per islamic values. (remember in islam personal appearance of Bride is not a requirements of Islamic Sharia. you know in our Society Bride never participate in the meeting of Nikah. she only Gives Consent by her Words or Conduct or Signs.)


Our Procedure is very simple. You have to Contact us on Phone, E Mail etc and after initial discussion of your Matter, you have to send us Your ID Cards+Cell Numbers+Addresses only and we shall proceed further, settle date and time of your Nikah after consultation with you. At the Relevant time, there will held a meating in our office, where, Nikah registrar+Nikhah Khawan+Witnesses and our staff will participate and we shall get you on Conference call, all these peoples will be interacting with each other. In this meating nikah will be conducted as per Islamic Procedure after obtaining Consent of the Bride. After Nikah our Nikah registrar will Fill the Urdu Nikah Namas, all nikah Namas will be Signed+Stamped and Registered as per Law. Same day we will shall Send you the Nikah Namas for signatures and your record.

Procedure of Nikah Online


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