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LAW VISION (Pakistan)  Headed by Ch. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Senior Advocate is proud to be the pioneers, with the grace of Almighty Allah, for providing online legal opinion / legal consultancy services to our customers, litigants, Business Based Companies, Govt Departments and to the public at large. We have a penal of lawyers / Advocates duly qualified having vast experience in every field of law. It is quite easy. One have to only send us his/her legal Issue, Our members of penal / Expert lawyer will thoroughly study your matter / legal problem, they'll research for the relevant laws involved in your specific case, in the light of facts and circumstances of legal proposition provided by you. We’ll Remained in-touch with you during the process of your case. Further information about the case may be asked, meanwhile. It is a quick process of only hours and days, not weeks and months.

Be sure, the ultimate solution best available in your favour, in respect of your legal problem will be advised to you by our specialist lawyers, with reference to the all relevant laws and legal precedents / case law on the topic. latest court decisions on the subject also will be referred.

Law vision (Pakistan) Provide Legal Consultancy Services in the following areas of Law:

Civil Disputes

Criminal Cases

Matrimonial and Family Matters

Property Matters

Disputes between Land Lord and Tenant

Inheritance and Succession of a deceased

Local Government Laws

Income Tax

Muslim Personal Laws

Land Revenue Matters


Constitutional Issues

Conveyancing pleadings and Documentation

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