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Procedure of Nikah Online

As per our Procedure, After Receiving documents we'll settle a date and time for your Nikah with your Consultation.

At the relevant date a Meeting will be held in our Office, in which Nikah Khawan+Nikah registrar+Witnesses+Our staff will participate and Both of the bride and groom will participate at conference call. at that time Our Nikah Khawan will Conduct your nikah as per islamic values (remember in islam personal appearance of Bride is not a requirements of Islamic Sharia, and you know in our Society too Bride never participate in the meating of Nikah, she only Gave Consent by her Words or Conduct or Signs.)

After Nikah Our Nikah Registrar will Complete Urdu Nikah Namas, which will be completed in all respects including Govt. Seal+Nikah Registrar's Sign and Seal+Nikah Khawan;s sign+Signatures of witnesses of Nikah. etc.

Same time we'll send you scanned copy of Urdu nikah Nama.

After that we will apply for your NADRA Nikah Registration Certificate/ NADRA Nikah Nama. within 2 Days it will be compleleted, its Scanned copy also will be sent to you.

After that within further 2 days we'll got your Nikah Nama Translated from a valid Translater and the same translation will be acceptable worldwide. We'll send you its scanned copy too.

At this time i.e about 4/5 days after Nikah when we will Deposit 3 Nikah Namas i.e URDU+NADRA+Translated Nikah Namas in the ministry of freign affairs, they will return Back to us the same after a weak.

At the end we'll Courier you all the Nikah Namas, after vrecieving them, Both of the Bride and Groom will Sign on it, and will retain them as their valid Nikah documents for ever. Inshallaha.


Lawvision (Pakistan)




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