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Nikah Documents Attestation

We provide Attestation Services

Birth Certificate,Nikah,ID Card,Divorce Deed,Court Decree,Educational Certificates,Degrees and all other Documents may be got Translated and attested through us from NADRA,Foreign Office, Higher education Commission,Embassy, and govt. departments etc. We also provide Notary Services for preparation and attestation of all valuable Documents, deeds, Agreements, Contracts, Bonds, Promissery Notes etc. from Notary Public and Every Kind of Affedavits from Oath Commessioner.



CH. Zulfiqar Ali Goheer Advocate

E_Mail:                    lawvisionpk@gmail.com

LL NO Office;        0632511316

           Home:          0632510616

Cell No:                  03024077416

Law vision(Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd.

Websites:                 www.lawvision.infio




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