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Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 2001

Topic Serial # Content Case Law








1 Short title, extent, application and commencement
2 Definitions




3 Office of Mercantile Marine Department
4 Surveyors
5 Radio Inspectors




6 Shipping Offices
7 Conduct of business of shipping office at other office
8 Duties of the Shipping Master
9 Fees for engagement or discharge of seamen
10 Seamen's Welfare Officers




11 Application
12 Restriction on acquisition of ship
13 Qualification for registration of Pakistan ships
14 Obligation to register ships
15 Exemption from registry
16 Registrars of Pakistani ships and ports of registry
17 Provisions for entries in register book
18 Measurement of ships
19 Marking of ships
20 Entry of particulars in register book
21 Port of Registry
22 Certificate of Registry
23 Custody and use of certificate
24 Penalty for use of improper certificate
25 Power to grant duplicate certificate
26 Provision for loss of certificate
27 Endorsement of change of master on certificate
28 Endorsement of change of ownership
29 Provisional certificate for ships becoming Pakistani owned abroad
30 Temporary passes in lieu of certificates of registry
31 Transfer of ships or shares
32 Declaration of transfer
33 Registry of transfer
34 Transmission of property in ship on death, bankruptey, marriage, etc
35 Order for sale on transmission to unqualified person
36 Transfer of ship on sale by order of Court
37 Power of Court to prohibit transfer
38 Mortgage of ship or share
39 Entry if discharge of mortgage
40 Priority of mortgage
41 Mortgagees not treated as owner
42 Mortgages to have power of sale
43 Mortgage not affected by bankruptey
44 transfer of mortgages
45 Transmission of in mortgage by death, bankruptey or marriage, etc
46 Powers of mortgage and sale
47 Requisites for certificates of mortgage and sale
48 Restrictions on certificates of mortgage and sale
49 Power of the Federal Government in case of loss of certificate of mortgage or sale
50 Revocation of certificates of mortgage and sale
51 Registry of alterations, registry anew and transfer of registry
52 Provisional certificate and endorsement
53 Registry anew on change of ownership
54 Restrictions on re-registration of abandoned ships
55 Provision for cases of infancy or other incapacity
56 Equities not included by Ordinance
57 Liability of owners
58 Ship's managing owner or manger to be registered
59 Forgery of documents
60 False declaration
61 National character of ship to be declared before clearance
62 Penalty for concealment of Pakistan character or assumption of foreign character
63 Penalty for acquiring ownership if unqualified
64 Liabilities of ships not recognized as Pakistan ships
65 National colours for ships
66 Penalty for unduly assuming Pakistan character
67 Pakistani ships to hoist proper national colours in certain cases
68 Saving for Pakistan Navy
69 Recognition of tonnage measurement of ships of foreign country
70 Space occupied by deck cargo to liable to dues
71 Surveyors and regulations for measurement of ships
72 Levy of tonnage rates under local laws on the registered tonnage
73 Close of registry
74 Powers to make rules in respect of matters in this Part
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